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NEVE Studio



This Vincent Van Haaff designed control room is comfortable and spacious. With beautiful woodwork and fabrics from around the world, inspiration thrives. The Control Room is slightly elevated, looking down into the large tracking room. Having two ISO booths in the control room open up convenient possibilities. They can be used for overdubbing, vocals, guitars, and percussion, but they are also large enough to accommodate a drum kit. 

The Neve Control Room features the largest vintage Neve in the world, with 80 channels of 31105 mic pre/eqs and Neve flying faders. This one-of-a-kind console has an extensive history. The left-hand side of this vintage 8078 was the original West Coast Motown console. It later resided in Madonna's "Brooklyn" studio. Yoshiki Hayashi then acquired the studio, which became Ecstasy. The console was then combined with another 8078 by Pat Schnider and Wess Dolly into its present form.


36.5' width, 47.5' length, 22' height

The big tracking room works excellent for live sessions with an additional two isolation booths, aside from the two in the tracking room. Ambiance in this room can be modified with large doors along the walls that reflect when closed and absorb when opened. 


The recording space behind the Neve control room is a spacious, with dimensions of 36' 5" x 18' 10" x 16' 7". This room features a Helmholtz resonator diffusion wall, which helps balance out the frequencies spectrum. There is a clear line of vision from this Top Room through the Neve Control Room and into the Tracking Room.

Sonic Ranch Neve Studio Pianos

Kawai Grand Piano

Custom Rupert Neve 8078 w/ 80 Channels

AVID Pro Tools HDX v.12

48 Channels - 192 I/O

Breville espresso machine, Jura E6

and full size fridge 

Furman HDS Cue System

George Augspurger's "ENT Dual 15"

w/ Dual JBL18" Subs

Tri-Amped w/ Crown Macro Reference

Neve studio Blueprint

Neve Studio

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