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THe a Studio

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The A studio was the first Sonic Ranch Studio to be built in the 90's and has since gone through various evolutions. Because of this, it's become one of our more versatile studios. With 5 different rooms on different ground levels, this studio offers infinite setup configurations. This room features a 1929 Steinway piano, along with a 1961 vintage Hammond B3 organ with a 147 Leslie.


The A Studio control room features an API Legacy Plus All discrete console, which less than twenty were made, it's also one of only three with Neve Flying Faders. The console comes equipped with 40 mic pres, three mix busses, and API 550 EQ's. This is all accompanied by an additional 10 Neve mic pres and an ample variety of top-of-the-line vintage and modern outboard gear.


Designed by Vincent Van Haaf, the control room is outfitted with natural wood surfaces, along with the stained glass windows and infinitely variable lighting, making for an inspiring atmosphere.


The main tracking room, leading to the backroom, is more absorptive and can be used to track vocals, guitars, bass, or drums when a shorter decay time is needed.

To the right of the 1895 Brazilian Rosewood upright piano are glass doors to the Stone Room. By setting drums up in the Main Room, facing into the Stone Room or Back Room, a tighter sound can be achieved on the close mics while getting ambiance from the room mics in the other rooms.