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The Helen of Troy Room features a Louis McKee oil painting and Salvador Dali’s "Helen of Troy" lithograph along with "Autumn" from the his Four Seasons.
A two hundred year old trunk from India also resides in this room.
The Organ Room features beautiful bookshelves that contain part of Sonic Ranch's collection of books on the arts, philosophy and other interesting subjects.
The vintage Balwin Organ wich resides in this room offers an interesting array of sounds. Many artists return to "their room" on successive visits.
The Lincoln Room features Salvador Dali’s "Lincoln Vision" and "Spherical Gala" along with Art Deco furniture.
The Corner Room features an etching by Rembrandt and Salvador Dali’s, "Conquistador" along with original hardwood floors and a Parisian bedspread.

The Library Room features beautiful bookshelves and a assortment of books that goes back to the 1930's
The “Art Deco" chandelier and desk along with the original wood floors also add to the character of the room with it’s own private bathroom.
The new Cabin Room is a beutiful versatil space that can be configurated into a bedroom or writing reheasal and overdub area.
This bedroom, of two in the "Casita" complex, features antique furniture from Mexico and India along with two Salvador Dali lithographs.
This bedroom in the "Casita” complex features antiques from Mexico including a barber's chair and two cabinets from the 1800's. The absence of traffic and other city noises provides a revitalizing atmosphere.

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